Monday, October 5, 2009


Eeeek! This morning I received an email from Facebook with my photographer requesting to be my friend so that she can tag me in our engagement pictures!! YAY!! I quickly accepted her friend request and jumped over to her blog as quickly as I could. The results are phenomenal!! Especially this one:

Umm...yes, I think hot is the perfect word for this. And yes, photoshop is my friend. My skin looks soooo smooth.

Love these too!

But those are just Jen's favorites, there are quite a lot more to choose from. Specifically for our STDs I love this one:

My other favorites include:

I'm loving these! I'm that much more excited for our wedding day - and I'm thrilled that I have no doubts that my photographer is going to rock it out and just add to our entire experience.

Did you decide to do an engagement photo session before your big day?


Jennifer said...

Aughhh!!! Love them!! I totally wasn't expecting to see your e-pics up already!! They are fantabulous!! I can definitely see how this must totally make you even more excited than you already were about the wedding -- you even made ME more excited about my OWN wedding, and I'm not even getting e-pics! (Which, maybe I'm regretting now??) Great outfits!

Crystal said...

You still have TONS of time to do an e session!! Honestly, I highly recommend it. Have you guys already booked a photog? Last time we talked about photogs on WeddingBee was just about how all of Richard's suggestions were pretty bad.

Jennifer said...

I did book a photographer -- Chris Richards ( -- he's here in Tucson, actually, so e-pics really wouldn't be too out of the question. It's just the money at this point. Maybe I'll consider it and see where we are financially, and where we can cut back a little. (It sure would help if the FI would just clean out his old place and rent it out, so we weren't paying two mortgages!!) Your pictures are definitely making me want to take them! =) THANK YOU for sharing! (And I actually love the blue dress -- your mom sounds like my dad, haha!)

Anonymous said...

Love this! Love the blue dress you are wearing. You both look so happy

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