Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cowboy take me away

So...MJ and I have officially decided that we'll be spending our two week honeymoon in France and Italy!! Oui! Si!! We were waffling between going to Europe (I've never been but MJ studied abroad in Ireland for a semester in college) or going somewhere tropical like Bora Bora and living out a Corona commercial, something like this:

Ultimately, we realized that two weeks of laying in the sun would make two pasty skinned folk like us pretty sick and MJ isn't a big fan of water activities so it could get pretty boring after a few days.

Since we've settled on France and Italy we've decided that we'll be visiting the French Open (sooooooo excited!) and we'd both LOVE to go to a European league soccer (futbol) match! And of course we can still spend a few days living out our Corona Commercial fantasies in the South of France but still do all kinds of other fun activities and have lazy days strolling through small French and Italian villages.

Have you decided on where you'll be going for your honeymoon? Were the activities at that location a deal breaker?


Jenny said...

Can you pack me in your suitcase??

Jennifer said...

We're going to Hawaii! Not sure which islands yet, but Maui for sure. I'm letting FI do some research and pick the other 1 or 2 islands since he's never been. (I've been multiple times and can't get enough!) We don't know how long yet, either -- it depends on how much vacation time we get/have left after planning.

Morgan said...

I am so jealous! I wish we were going somewhere more exciting, but just don't have the time (or money after the wedding!). So we picked renting a house on the beach in Kauai.

Crystal said...

Hawaii is so beautiful and so much fun! Plus there are so many activities that are aimed for honeymooners there, I bet there are all kinds of free perks to be had for mentioning that you're on your honeymoon. :)

Katie said...

France and Italy sound like spectacular locations for the honeymoon! I'm jealous!

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