Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One day you're in, the next day you're out

I NEED to finally go dress shopping. So this week while I have some extra time I am going to start making some appointments with dress shops in both Sacramento and San Francisco. This is good. However, I don't necessarily know that I want a whole entorage of peeps going with me. Enter my delima, telling people that they're out, a la Heidi Klum.

Of course when you get engaged people always want to ask about the dress.

Mainly, "have you found one yet?"; the answer is no. I've received a lot of responses that are similar to "oh when you go shopping I want to go with you." To which you can hardly shoot someone down, so I've made a lot of commitments knowing full well that I probably only want about 2 or 3 people with me, tops. Mainly because when it comes to clothes, I know what I like and what I don't like. That and too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress have me freaked that someone is going to hate my IT dress, and who needs that kind of negativity? Not me!! :)

Next, "Do you know what you want?" Oh, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Sadly, when I've searched for it in stores, I haven't had any luck finding it. Since about a month into being engaged I found the dress of my dreams inside of a wedding magazine. Allow me to share:

This is the Jim Hjelm Spring 2009 Style 8904 gown. I'm in love with it. Siiiiiigggggggghhhhhh. The back is so deep and sexy and the front is so very sweet. I absolutely love that this gown isn't strapless and the lace makes me drool. Not to mention that the sash is the perfect shade of champagne. Swwoooooooooooon.

However, that being said, I haven't tried on a single, solitary dress yet. And every bride that I've talked to says that you may think that you know what you want and then you try on a ball-gown and suddenly you are princess bride and you didn't even know until you put the dress on. Me being me, I am pretty sure that this is IT, my dress, 8904 is the dress that I was meant to be married in and I can't find it ANYWHERE!! I'm hoping that I can find something VERY close otherwise I am going to look into having it custom made, but that makes me nervous too...

Did you know what you wanted your dress to look like before you went shopping? Did you get something similar?



I saw my dress in a magazine and fell in love just like you did! I hope you can find that one or a very similar one!! Good Luck!

Chocolate Lover said...

Love love love Jim Hjelm! I too have one of his dresses in mind!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE that dress!! Very similar in some ways to what I was looking for before I started trying on dresses! Mine, I ended up seeing in a catalog at the store, not being too keen on it, but fell in love with it when I put it on (sans the detachable one-shoulder flower thing). Love your style, sweetie!

Morgan said...

Love that dress too, it's so pretty with all the lace and deep back! Just like you, I knew exactly what I wanted before trying on any dresses, and I bought exactly the style I knew I would! Gook luck with your search!

NuFlaiir said...

I loooooooooove that dress. I've seen it before in a magazine ad.
As you said, the front is very sweet and the back is deep and sexy.
Good luck with your search, it is an adorable dress.


Wheresmydessert said...

I love that dress! Absolutely beautiful. I totally knew what I wanted - and I got something different :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

The dress is nailed it with your description. I have to agree that you may think you like something until you try it on and then find that you want something totally different. BUT, there are definitely those that find a pic, try it on and know right away it's *THE* dress. You are smart to recognize it may not be a good thing to bring too many opinions with you (I love Say Yes to the Dress and am always so irritated by those family & friends who don't let the bride have her way). I also brought my entire wedding party with me to one gown shop and they all wanted me in this one dress that I knew was not it. My best advice would be to let yourself have fun and try on a few different styles but try on your IT gown first so you have something to compare to. :) You will find it...where do you live? I can't imagine that you can't locate that dress in a salon somewhere. Usually when you go to the designers sites, they'll have a way of locating local retailers. Btw, so glad to have found your blog...will be following now :)

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