Friday, October 2, 2009

Ahh, Champagne

Have I mentioned before that I want to incorporate champagne into our wedding?

Champagne is my favorite alcoholic beverage. Champagne is my style - it's classic, sophisticated, and decadent. Which is exactly the feeling that we're going for for our wedding.

Awesome - so while we're planning our open bar reception we're planning on having wine, beer and - oh wait, that's it? Hmm...shouldn't there be champagne? Well, here's what I have in mind: I think we should have champagne for our cocktail hour and then again we'll offer champagne for our toasts (which I'm not still sure when the toasts are supposed to occur - I'm thinking after the main course has been served or maybe when the cake and other desserts have been served.) We're also considering offering a signature cocktail, but you'd be surprised at how quickly hard alcohol adds up - but the champagne is a must considering that it's one of our main colors for our whole scheme and ties in perfectly with the feeling we want to evoke.

Did alcohol have a big budgetary role in your wedding? It's going to have a big role in ours, but we were expecting it, being Irish and all. :)


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