Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Hairy Situation

My MOH's aunt is a hair stylist and owns her own salon about 2 hours away from Sacramento. We've been going to her since we graduated from high school and she never disappoints. So it was an obvious choice for me to ask her to do my hair for my wedding. We were going to do a hair trial this weekend, but it ended up not panning out. However, in preparation for the hair trial I've started looking at styles that I really like.

So far what's really popped out at me are the side bun hair styles. What I love about the side bun is that it looks great with a simple flower. I want to have a veil for the ceremony and I would like to add a flower to my hair for the reception. I think having a flower in my hair with the veil would be too much.

Other contenders:

I love the last three styles a lot, but I think there would have be to some serious extensions added to my hair to make my hair even close to comparable to the above. But I'm not sure that I would want to add extensions to my hair considering that hair extensions are expensive and take a long time to put in and I'm not sure what maintenance would look like.

Did you consider hair extensions for your wedding day?


Jennifer said...

I love the flower or fascinator idea! I'm still unsure on a veil, but so far, am in love with the fascinator. There are DIY tutorials on weddingbee, of course, and I bought a couple of fake flowers at Michael's the other day with a coupon that was about to expire. I'll have to try it out. Etsy has them, too, for cheap, and are good at least for ideas. I'm thinking about putting little light blue (and maybe orange, too) beads in the middle, if I can make my own, so that it can be a little more personalized. Etsy seller EverydayDiamonds has some cute ideas (and will do custom flowers for hair for the same $5 price!).

Something about flowers/fascinators just makes everything... BRIDAL... doesn't it?? =)

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