Friday, October 2, 2009

Wedding Balloons

Since I bought my first wedding magazine (I mean, the first one after we were actually engaged, teehee) I've been in love with wedding balloons. Not sure what I'm talking about? Let me show you:

The problem I have is that because our ceremony and reception are indoors I'm not sure of the best ways to incorporate wedding balloons into our day. I like the idea of a wedding sign out front of our ceremony & reception sites with giant white balloons tied to them (or maybe soft pale pink balloons...) I'm also a little concerned that balloons will clash with the overall feel that we're going for. Everything is very classic and sophisticated and suddenly we have balloons - not so classic or sophisticated. A friend of mine suggested that we use balloons during our farewell and everyone would hold a big white balloon as we're dashing away from the party.

What do you think about wedding balloons? Was there an element of your wedding that you knew you wanted to incorporate but not sure how to go about it?


Jennifer said...

The balloons are awesome! I was a flower girl in a wedding where both the ceremony and reception were indoors, but for the photos between the two, we were outdoors, and they had a whole bunch of normal-sized balloons (instead of a few giant ones) in different shades of dark blue plus white. I have to say, that picture still stands out in my mind, and it was forever ago!! I must have been 5 or 6!

I'm going to incorporate 1000 paper cranes into my ceremony decor as well as origami into the escort cards, so I'm trying to decide on a way to make paper cranes a part of the favors/centerpieces. I have a few ideas so far, I just have to pick one (and try it out)!

Mz.Cruz said...

Balloons sounds fun! you can place just a few of them, evenly as that makes more of a statement sort of liek the white table pic you posted. That would look lovely. Pick all one color unless you want to do somethng like adorn your gift table with an array of lovely wedding balloons but then you must tie in, throughout the strings, a small assortment of little flowers. Pretty pretty:) Good luck!

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