Saturday, October 3, 2009


MJ and I have a wedding website (through Wedding Window, pricey but I think it's worth it) to guide our guests in case they lose our save the date, invitation or want to purchase something from our registry the day of our wedding. I know that MJ and I have gone to weddings before where being able to Google them has lead us to their registries or address of the reception or ceremony sites when we really needed them. Wedding webs have been such a help to us for weddings that we've gone to in the past that it only made sense that we should have one considering that everyone will be traveling to attend our wedding.

The problem? When I Google us (don't pretend that you don't Google yourself!), I can't find our wedding website. :( When I type "His First Name His Last Name and Wedding" I can scroll through about 10 pages of search results for MJ and still not find my own MJ. Granted, he has a pretty popular name but one would think it could be found in 10 pages of search results when I pair his name with wedding. :S

The conclusion - I'm thinking about creating a moniker like Bennifer or Bragelina for MJ and myself. Something like Michstal or Cryael (Michstal is starting to grow on me) or something that is far less common than our names therefore, making us the first (if not the only) result when searching for our site on the web. :)

Combine us and you have Michstal - these pics are MJ and I practicing before our engagement shoot, he looks smokin'!

Does anyone know of a way that we can make our website easier to find through the search engines?


Morgan said...

This is interesting, because we did the opposite, I installed these "anti google robots" on our wedding site so our site won't show up in search engine results. With potential employers Googling everyone these days, I just wasn't sure I wanted that personal of info out there. But, I do know a bit about Google's searching, so the first question is, how long ago did you set up your website? It usually takes at least a few days to show up in Google results, so keep trying if you just put your site up recently. Google "crawls" websites and archives all the words in the site for search results, so it can take a little bit for it to find you. Another tip (although I'm not sure it will work with your website software) is you can create 'meta tags', which are basically just tags telling search engines what the content is on that page. And finally, you can also submit your URL to Google, so they'll find you faster. Details are here: Hope that helps!

Jennifer said...

I love "Michstal"! I don't know how you're pronouncing it, but in my head, it's "Mish-TAHL" -- which reminds me of Cristal, which is champagne, which you love!! =)

I wish I knew more about search engines, but that's not the kind of computer person I am. Morgan seems to have some great tips, though! Good luck!

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