Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Little Laugh for the Day

Today I had a revelation that the upside to being suddenly unemployed (albeit by my own choice) is that I suddenly have all sorts of time to create DIY masterpieces for our wedding. I'm feeling particularly inspired by Mrs. Perfume's reception dress (yes, she had TWO amazingly beautiful dresses, lucky duck!) that was handmade by her mom, and her veil was also handmade by Mama Perfume:

Like many DIYers I saw these gorgeous DIY pieces and thought, I can do that! Unlike most DIYers, I had a crazier idea; I bet people will love my creations so much that I can sell them. Hence I can solve all of my problems (what, you think I'm nuts, hear me out) with a sewing machine!

If you're a avid follower of my blog you've read the Kreativ Blogger award facts that I posted here. So you know that it's my dream to be a fashion designer. When I was in high school my mom drove me to San Francisco every Saturday to take classes at the Academy of Art on Fashion Design. I was going to go to college in SF after high school graduation to study fashion design up until I met the man of my dreams, MJ, and decided that I didn't need to rush off to the big city quite yet. Alas, after not going to art school (and it was becoming clear that it wasn't in the plans) I decided to get my lovely tat' on my back to remind me of what I love, even though I was to pursue a career in accounting, which I greatly enjoy but don't quite love.

Flash forward to last week, I quit my job and am trying to sort through all of my options. MJ suggested that I buy a sewing machine, design and make clothes and sell my wares to the little boutiques here in downtown Sacramento. Yeah Right!! Then this afternoon, I found my inspiration and suddenly it sounds like genius idea. I would sell my wares to boutiques and on etsy, it couldn't get any easier! Then I started reading the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly which highlighted this weeks Must List, in which it featured - dedicated to totally weird etsy finds like overly anatomical dolls, tacky taxidermy, celeb-themed cat toys.

Then popped into my head too. first round with the Gocco was a total DIY fail too. So this plan might need a little more thinking through before it should be considered. However, I must say that I would drop a few pesos on the dress that Mama Perfume made.

Have you seen any DIY projects that you would actually pay for?


Miss Ferret said...

That "home birthing doll" kit is pretty odd...I was wondering what the dark stuff was at the bottom and then "oh...euh"

I have bought some DIY from people on Etsy. It's "homemade" and I like it a lot better to support people who truly do some great work.

Jennifer said...

I found an etsy seller that sells custom fascinators for $6, AFTER I probably spent more than that on the supplies (and still haven't made it anyway)! Doh!

I thought about designing our invitations until I realized I suck at it. The STDs were enough DIY for paper products. Still not sure if we'll pay for programs ourselves.

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