Sunday, October 25, 2009

Because Life Happens

Sigh...these last two weeks have been insane. Suddenly we have 216 days left until our wedding day and I still have BIG items left on my to-do list (flowers, music, dress!!). This week I quit my job (one of the partners at my firm was a complete jerk and MJ and I agreed that I shouldn't put up with being treated without respect, and while we can afford for me to not work, we have a wedding and honeymoon that we need to finance, so we actually do need my income) so now in addition to feeling behind in wedding planning, I'm now looking for a new job. Our new financial position means that while I'm looking for a new job, wedding spending has been frozen. BUT because I have some free time while I'm looking, I actually have time to do some wedding planning. Have I mentioned that I've still yet to ask one of my friends to be a bridesmaid in my wedding?

With my extra time this week, here's what I'm looking to conquer (while I'm not job hunting of course, or working out at the gym, or taking care of our puppy who was spayed on Friday):

Set appointments to go dress shopping (preferably in San Francisco) and notify those that I want to accompany me (I will post more about how I feel about this in another post soon.)

Ask my prego friend if she will be a bridesmaid in my wedding (she will have her first child in March, so I'm prepared that she may decline. In which case I'll move on to plan B (I will post about this soon too...))

Research florists in Carmel (I've already interviewed one via phone, I will post about this soon)

Research DJs in Carmel.

Set up room blocks with our reception site for friends and family.

Hire a local printer to do our Save the Date cards (I plan to DIY the rest of our STD suite, I will post about this during the week, these things need to go out in the mail STAT!!)

Book our DOC (I've already interviewed her, but I haven't had a chance to actually review her contract yet.)

Drag MJ to the post office to renew his passport.

Talk with our officiant about what we need to do before our Catholic ceremony (I will post about booking our officiant and my first RCIA class this week.)

Finish setting up our wedding website through

If I could check most of these items off of my list I will be on my way to getting back on track. The only hang up is that I can't really put a deposit down on my gown, the florist or the DJ until I have something set up for work. But at least I can still do research on who I like and who I don't like. However, I understand that it's hard to hold on to vendors (especially on such a popular weekend) without putting down a deposit. So I'm crossing my fingers that everything is ironed out (work wise) within two weeks from now and I want all of the above wedding related items figured out by the beginning of December.

Did you experience a major setback while planning your wedding? How did you get around it?


Jennifer said...

Wow, I want to send you a virtual hug! I think planning a wedding and looking for a job are probably both on the "really high stressors" list. But remember you're super organized, thrifty, and smart! Things will work out, and you'll move on! Good luck on the job and dress hunt! =)

Jenny said...

yay finally some action on here! hah miss my friend! you need to fil in this MOH on what is going on...emails ASAP! dont worry about your job you didnt deserve that crap the partner was doing to you and his skank... anywho keep me posted! xoxo

Jennifer said...

Thought I'd share this little tidbit:

Carmel was #7 in the Reader's Choice US cities (via Conde Nast Traveler)!

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