Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabu Sugar Doll? Thank you!!

Sweet lil' Miss Mojito honored me with The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger award on her blog yesterday. YAY!!

Upon accepting the Sugar Doll award, I need to post 10 fun facts about moi, and then pass this lovely little award on to some other fabulous bloggers! Without further ado:

1. MJ and I have the cutest little puppy dog, Sox. She is 7 months old and we had her spayed a week ago today. She was MJ's graduation present to me. We picked her out right after my graduation from college.

2. Although I've always loved fashion, I'm slowly realizing that I am a total Francophile too. I've always been fond of France, but the more I'm learning about the culture and the people, it's intensifying my lust for all thing French. Oui! (I so want to learn French now!!)

3. I hate wearing socks. Even though I love wearing boots in the winter (they're soooo flattering and sexy!) I hate that it means I need to wear socks too. I'm weird, I know.

4. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love buying gifts for other people and thinking about what our friends and family need or what they would enjoy receiving. :)

5. I can eat an entire large pizza all by myself. I haven't been eating much in the way of pizza lately (or any carbs for that matter) but I can eat large amounts of food in one sitting, and when I do MJ will say something along the lines of "That's impressive." haha

6. My favorite movie is Singin' in the Rain. I love love love love old timey movies with sining and dancing, and although I've tried to get MJ to catch on he just doesn't share my interest in Dorris Day, Debbie Reynolds, Carry Grant, Gene Kelly, Don O'Connell, etc.

7. I have been having baby fever lately. Everywhere I go I've been seeing the cutest little chubby babies and it sooo makes me want one. (I think having the puppy inclines me to feel that way too.)

8. If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is pay off the debt of my family and friends. Then I would take an awesome vacation with MJ and the rest would go into the bank. Boring huh? That's the accountant in me, INVEST your money!

9. I applied to be a WeddingBee blogger a few weeks and recently received a rejection email. But I will apply again in another 4 weeks. :) Hopefully 2nd time's a charm! :)

10. I don't like chocolate. I love vanilla and I think white chocolate rocks, but I've never been a big fan of regular chocolate. It tastes alright to me...again, I know I'm a wierd-o.

Now to pass on the blog love (I know that some of these peeps have already received the award but I'm going to give it again anyway):


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5. Chocolate Lover


7. Lucky in Love

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10. Miss Frogger


Chocolate Lover said...

Thx for the award! Your list is funny and your dog is adorable!

PartyPlannerGal said...

Aww, thanks for the award! I love your blog, so you should definitely apply to Weddingbee again!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

OMG, thanks so much! So sweet...I'm loving following your blog. Sending you some wedding bee wishes your way for next time. But most importantly: SINGIN' IN THE RAIN! Yeah, girl! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! I love that movie. Like one of my faves of all time. If I lived back in that day, I think I would have had a Gene Kelly poster on my teenage girl wall :)

NuFlaiir said...

Congratulations !!!!!


Katie said...

Eeeek I HATE wearing socks too! I am not the only one?!?! Whew...there is just something about them that makes me crazyyyyy!

LauraLou said...

Just saw this! Thank you! I can't believe I'm not a follower of your blog yet!

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