Friday, October 30, 2009

Holiday Nuptials

Seeing as how Mike (that's his name, I was referring to him as MJ because those are his initials (pretty soon I will be CJ) and I thought using his initials would bring some sort of privacy, but knowing our first names isn't giving away tons of info.) and I are getting married on a holiday weekend, I thought I would share some holiday themed weddings that I've come across. We'll move through the year accordingly.

New Years Wedding: I love the oh so sleek black, white and silver theme that most New Years weddings take on. It really is such a sexy theme (hello, you get to kiss someone at midnight, could you imagine if that was the custom of more than one holiday??). Only down side I see is the cold weather, but some people love the idea of a cold weather wedding.

Valentine's Day Wedding: There's something about Valentine's Day that puts people off because it so successfully raises people's expectations so high that it's easy to feel disapointment. However, I think a Valentine's Day wedding would actually be a treat because the day would be completely filled with love (what better way to share love than to surround yourself with those who mean the most to you?!?!)

St. Patty's Day: Originally, Mike and I wanted to have a crisp green and white wedding. Then we added black and all I thought of was the Wicked Witch of the West. However, the green and white or green, white and black weddings look awesome. And I think St. Patty's Day weddings are so fun because of the little charming additions of four leaf clovers, etc.

Easter: An Easter theme wedding would actually make for a very sweet little wedding day. The pastels and birds eggs are already regular features of weddings without holiday affiliations.

Cinco de Mayo: A Mexican theme wedding sounds so fun to me! The bright colors, delicious food, great danceable music and yummy drinks. I hope someone we know gets married and has a Cinco de Mayo wedding and invites us.

Independence Day: I think a couple could really have fun with a 4th of July wedding. Personally, I think the color scheme would really lend itself to a rustic barn wedding, with very charming accents of stars and stripes.

Halloween: A Halloween wedding isn't my cup of tea at first impression, but the more I think of Halloween (beyond costumes and candy) the more I see the potential. Pumpkins, fall leaves and warm hued colors would make for such a delightful and upbeat wedding.

Thanksgiving: This wedding color pallet is so appealing to me. Gold, deep warm chocolate brown and cranberry red are so luxurious and inviting. Plus, can you imagine the meal that would be severed? Haha, actually I think doing little mini versions of Thanksgiving classics with lots of Champagne and beer would be even better. Yum-o!!

Christmas: I think there are many different ways that a couple can go with a Christmas wedding. I think green, red and white actually come off as being pretty fresh. Yet using a silver, gold and red theme would still equally fit a Christmas wedding and offer a warmer, less fresh but more traditional feel. My opinion at least. ;) So for Christmas I included two pictures.

I didn't include Memorial Day (our wedding holiday) or Labor Day because they are mostly red, white and blue holidays like the 4th of July. That said, just because our wedding is sharing a weekend with a holiday doesn't mean in anyway that we are having a holiday theme wedding. :) But I know that there are some people getting married this weekend that WILL have a Halloween theme wedding which made me think about all of the holiday theme weddings out there.

Would you ever consider having your wedding incorporate the theme of a holiday? What was your favorite, which do you think I like the most?


Chocolate Lover said...

I don't think we thought about having our wedding on a holiday but my favorite would be New Years Eve. People tend to go out and party anyway, so why not come out to celebrate your wedding!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Yes, like Choco Lover I actually always wanted a New Year's Eve's an obvious theme you can go glam or crazy with and it gives everyone a reason to come together and party! And lots of venues are already decorated for the holidays so it could be a budget saver as well. You can go super formal or super sexy with your wedding attire...there's just so much fun with it. Might not be ideal for those with lots of OOT's - could go either way...they're already coming in town for the holidays or they can't afford to come in town or get the time off around the holidays. But it's a fab idea for weddings!

Morgan said...

I would love a St. Patty's day wedding since my family is very Irish. I was even supposed to be born on St. Patty's day, but was a late baby. Too bad the weather isn't nice enough in March, but I love the cream and green with clovers theme though!

Miss Pug said...

We went for the St Paddys wedding but it's on the 20th. Actually it'll be a crazy few weeks... 16th is Mr Pug's bday (28th!), 19th is my mom's bday, 20th is our wedding and my friend's bday (whoops), we leave the 22nd for our hmoon and get back the 28th (sun), then the following fri (april 2) is my birthday, and the 4th is easter. YIKES!

I digress.. actually we wanted the St Paddy's feel, it works since March is very hit or miss- will it be winter or spring? I'm doing b&w damask with green, I think the damask takes away the "wicked witch" thing (totally agree!).

I also love the idea of a NYE wedding, but a lot of my friends had an old friend's wedding on New Years last year... they were all bummed and most went, but wished they could have been at our usual party- it wasn't that great of a friend, but important enough that you had to go. Especially when it's out of the way (or not in a big city) a NYE wedding can stink for some guests!

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