Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heaven, I'm in Heaven

I'm not the greatest dancer, ok, I'm a terrible dancer. And MJ has nailed the Robot and Grocery Cart dance moves, but beyond that, he's a bit lost. Despite these facts, I am really looking forward to our first dance as husband and wife!! Maybe I'm a little over-optimistic but I've always imagined it would be something that was light-hearted and fun. Right now I'm dead set on Frank Sinatra's Cheek to Cheek, what I have in mind is something like this:

I also like this one, except I wish that everyone else who is sitting on the dance floor was having as good of a time as the bride and the groom:

So what's a couple with 4 left feet to do? Well dance lessons of course! We knew that we were going to be taking dance lessons just because we're THAT bad at dancing. I figure if we're going to take dance lessons (and drop $300 of our budget on learning how to dance) we might as well entertain our guests while we're on the floor shaking it. :) ...and have a little fun with it!

Other first song contenders initially were Tony Bennett's Just the Way You Look Tonight - I'm still hoping to incorporate this song into our wedding by doing a couples dance. :) MJ also liked Nat King Cole's Unforgettable and When I Fall In Love - but although they're both beautiful songs, they're a little slow and boring. We've always said that Jack Johnson's Banana Pancakes would be our first dance song, but we just can't dance to it. It's still our song, and we'll still use it in our wedding somehow - it just won't be our first dance.

Am I shooting for too lofty a goal for our first dance considering that neither of us can dance? What kind of first dance did you have or are you planning on having?


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