Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To hire or not to hire, that is the question

The other night I was reviewing where I am (and where I'm supposed to be) in the wedding planning. I was pretty pleased to find that for the vendors we have booked so far, we've come out a little under budget. Hip-hip-hooray! AND I even have more cushion in some areas than I thought I did, such as a flower and stationary budgets. For some reason I thought I had $500 budget for out stationary but it's closer to $750. Yippee!

Where this brings me to is trying to jusify a day of coordinator when both our ceremony and reception sites have their own coordinators. My MOH's boyfriend's friend's girlfriend (you following me here???) is an event planner and my MOH and I are going to go meet with her this Sunday to see if she can give us some ideas for lighting, flowers, decor, etc for our sites. My MOH thinks that if we like her I should consider hiring her for my wedding, at which her services would start kicking in 2 - 3 months before the wedding (awesome becuase I will be STRESSED OUT, can you say prime tax season!! not to mention prime wedding DIY & decision time!) but it's another expense that I wasn't really planning on having. So I need to determine whether it's something that I should consider spending our money on. I feel that it works out this way - $1,500 for a sane period before the wedding or $1,500 extra for our honeymoon...tough decision right? Well at least I feel it's a tough decision.

Have you decided to go with a DOC? If you have already used one for your wedding, did you think it was worth it?


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