Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I found some flowers that I love!

Unfortunately they are of the wearable variety - not the kind that you want to carry by the dozens while you walk towards your groom to say your vows. :)

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with my casual engagement ensemble (aka, outfit No. 1):

The top is from J. Crew I tried it on in a size 4 and it felt a little large, they didn't have a size 2 so I bought it in a size 0. (Happy dance that I can still buy something in a size that small, yippee!!)

The jeans are from Abercrombie & Fitch and I really like how they fit and the way they feel when they're on, however they have whiskers at the hips and again at the back of the knees...I'm a little unsure if I like that. I have a backup pair of jeans that I might decide to wear instead. (No, I didn't buy these in a size 0. For some reason I am really little up top and have a lot of junk in my trunk, so I had to buy my jeans in a size 8. But I'm still doing my bridal boot camp plan...hopefully I'll get back to my size 4 soon!!)

My dressy engagement ensemble (aka, outfit No. 2) is a blue dress that I bought to wear to a wedding that was on July 4th this summer. I bought the dress from The Limited when it was on sale and unfortunately I can't find a picture of it online.

So what do you think of my casual outfit, too plain? I'm afraid to add accessories because the neckline is already pretty embellished. Did you decide to do engagement pictures? If you did, did you have a hard time picking things out?

P.S. As a side note, the guy that helped me at J. Crew told me that we have to go to Freebird's Mexican Restaurant while we're in Santa Barbara for our engagement photo shoot. He said that when he was in college at Fiddyment in Los Angeles they used to drive all the way to Santa Barbara just to eat at Freebird's, it's THAT good. I know what we're having for dinner when we're done with our shoot. I'll report back on Sunday with a full report on the food! (I know I just said I was working on the boot camp thing but who can resist Mexican food that is supposed to be worth driving a few hours for?!?!)


Jennifer said...

Okay, LOVE the outfit, even if it has the whiskers on the jeans. It looks casual, classic, and romantic! (And I'm a fellow tiny-upper-body-junk-in-the-trunk girl, though I'm jealous of your size 0 top!)

Anonymous said...

I almost bought that same shirt from JCrew for our e-pics! The problem was that all the shirts of that style and color at my local Jcrew had weird water-like stains on em. I couldn't bear to spend the money on a shirt that was slightly defective. But I love that blouse, great choice!

Joey Biber said...

The top is very pretty and fits the occasion, as the color is also very feminine. The pants are just a little too casual. Perhaps, without the whiskers it will look better.

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