Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fabulous Faux-to Fun!

One of the main reasons that we selected our photographer is that one the options to add-on to her packages was the option to do a photo booth. Now it's not the kind where you close a little curtain and make four goofy faces. I'm talking about this kind of faux-to booth:


Since I started wedding researching in May I thought the idea of a photo booth was so fun and it really fits our personalities and the fun-loving attitude of our friends. At the same time, trying to get a photo booth for our wedding seemed impossible. Our reception venue is inside with limited space and it's upstairs. When I found Jen Slot, I asked her some questions about the photo booth (mainly how much space would be needed) and then asked our reception on-site coordinator if it would work and to my surprise, it will work out! YIPPEE!! We'll be having a photo booth!

After seeing Mrs. Bee's photo backdrop, I loved that it wasn't just a white sheet. A few months ago, I saw a picture in Martha Stewart Weddings that I thought would be a great backdrop for our bar area, but now I thinking it would be perfect for the photo booth.


The thing that caught my eye when I first saw it was the color story. It's warm and soft, perfect! But how great would it be with your friends posing in front of it?!? Way better! I think the paper will allow for a little bit of our personality to shine through. It's all of those little details that make the day more memorable. I'm excited about this project. I just need to find the paper to make the streamers and begin snipping away!

Are you planning on doing a faux-to booth on your wedding day? If you did, did the guests enjoy it?


Jennifer said...

I love the soft colors and the way the streamers look in numbers!! Great backdrop!!

BTW, I don't know if you've already registered and all (and if you even would register at Crate & Barrel), but I happened across this fun little fact in a magazine and signed up for the Tucson Crate & Barrel. I thought I'd share the link with you!

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