Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh Pomander, Oh Pomander

I love me some pomanders. Something about a giant ball of flowers just makes me smile. I would love to incorporate some pomanders into our wedding day decor, however, they are mighty expensive. So I've been doing some research on alternatives.

Here's what I love:

Here are some of the DIY (read: budget friendly) and non-floral pomanders that I've discovered:

They look pretty awesome, don't they? I particularly like the tulle pomanders. Our florist originally quoted me at $100 for each hydrangea pomander (I would want at least 6 of them, three for each side). I've purchased some ivory tulle from Michael's and plan on doing a tester tulle pomander this weekend to see if I like these in real life and then I'll hit up a fabric store for more supplies to make enough of these guys for our ceremony venue.

Have you found some items to be more expensive than anticipated?


PartyPlannerGal said...

Wow, $100 for a hydrangea pomander seems steep! Then again, I have no idea how much flowers cost, since we haven't booked a florist yet. Good call on trying to DIY with tulle! I think we are going to try our hand at some silk flower pomanders for chair/aisle decorations. I hope they end up looking nice!

Chocolate Lover said...

I think I have a similar reaction to most things wedding related! Everything just seems to add up to some ridiculous price! Can't wait to see how your DIY ones turn out

Morgan said...

Wow, $100 each, really? More power to you for attempting to DIY them, that's crazy expensive!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said... florist quoted me $50 each for carnation pomanders. I love them too and wanted them for aisle decoration but just cannot afford that. However, I did see a blog post this week about someone who made them for like $8 each using fake flowers and such from a craft store. I'll try to find it for you...also, I noticed you commented about ideas for OOT bags. Send me an e-mail if you want to I can share some web sites I found for super affordable gable boxes and some ideas for what I'm including in mine. I'll blog about it in the future but it will be a while before I get to that :)

Anonymous said...

Um... what haven't I found that I cannot afford. Love the tulle pomander. Maybe try it with different types of tulle to provide more visual interest? Take everything I say with a grain of salt though, I am SO NOT a D-I-Y gal!

honey my heart said...

our flower girl had a carnation pomander so our price was substantially less, but it still looked great.

NuFlaiir said...

I love Pomander too. I haven't started looking into flowers yet but I heard they are a bit high on price.
I saw this post over Mr. Jones & Me that might give you some DIY inspiration.

*I left you an award over my blog.
Hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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