Monday, November 23, 2009

And it goes on and on and on...

Jack Johnson says it best:

Only I'm referring to my list of DIY for the wedding. This weekend Mike and I sat down with a couple of drinks and went over what we have left to do for our wedding. I made a list of things that either of us could do and then a list of DIY items, only I feel like my list of DIY list keeps growing which means I really need to get to work!

Here's what I have on my list of DIY to do:

Invites (yes, I won them but I have plans to make them a little more spiffy!)
Programs (I can't begin working on this until we have our readings, etc. ironed out)
Guest book & ensemble (Mike has some really good ideas for this!! I was pleasantly surprised!)
Escort cards
Place cards
Menu cards (our tasting is scheduled for January!)
Napkin rings
Thank you cards
Bouts for the mens
Cocktail table centerpieces
Reception table centerpieces
Table numbers
Pomanders for church pews
Out of towner bags (this is for pretty much all of our guests)
Paper wall idea for behind the bar (seen here as idea for photo booth back drop)
Cocktail napkins (I will make my gocco useful)

I know this isn't the craziest list of to-dos but after the time it took to do our save the dates (that I thought would be a cinch!) I think I should be more liberal in assigning time allotments for each of these projects. It doesn't help that almost daily I see new DIY projects that I would love to incorporate into our wedding somehow also!

Are you taking on more DIY projects that initially anticipated?


Nicole-Lynn said...

I have a TON of DIY things to do as well... it's overwhelming but I know it will be totally worth it! I know everything you want will get finished if you put your energy into it! :)

Jennifer said...

We're going for our cake tasting in January!! (We're leaning toward buffet, which means no meal tastings. Boo.)

Nice work ironing out what you still have left to do! I think I still have a ton more, I'll need to take a better look when I have some free time over the holidays!

Miss Ferret said...

You have quite a list! But I think you can make it. You have plenty of time left to go.

I'm thinking of making a list on paper as well.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Isn't it overwhelming all that goes into throwing a wedding? If you've never done it, people just don't get it. And when you list it out like that - whew! This is exactly why I wanted a long engagement! Thank goodness. You can do will come together :)

Crystal @ MyCarmelWedding said...

@ Jennifer: The tasting policies are pretty lame, they'll only allow to taste two I guess we'll have to choose the two options that we taste? You think they'd allow us to taste 4 and choose two of those. We're doing our cake tasting the same day! Yay cake!

@ Born to be Mrs. Beever: The funny thing is that only brides will notice the little details like menu cards and I've been to weddings where there were no favors (didn't seem like anyone minded). But I really, really, really am excited about the DIY'ing the details, it's the big tasks that I've been procrastinating about. LOL

New Mexican Bride said...

Wow that is a big list! Good luck! I think you can do it! I am doing a lot of DIY projects too.

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