Sunday, November 22, 2009

It happened one night... first wedding related nightmare.

Very early this morning I am laying in my comfortable, warm and cozy bed when I wake up with great relief realizing that it was all just a bad dream....(enter dream sequence swirls a la Wayne's World).

I am at some kind of venue that is a mix between Vegas and a theme park, it's my wedding day and I have been waiting for hours for someone to come and help me prepare. I'm waiting in a room that is similar to a small private room where you would have a birthday party as a kid at Chuck E Cheese, my MOH is there with me and we're waiting up until 20 minutes to the start of the ceremony and we finally leave our room to ask what's going on.

As we're walking up to the front desk, there are suddenly what feels like miles and miles of steps leading up to the front desk to ask for help. When I finally get to the top of the steps my MOH has disappeared and I'm asking for help all by myself. When I explain my situation (I don't know where my family is, I can't find my mom, my DOC hasn't called me, I don't even have my dress or know where it is) the girl I'm talking to at the front desk doesn't offer me help, she shows me pity. She tells me that she can't help me and as I turn away I hear her tell the people around her what has happened, especially how sad it is that I don't even have my dress on.

In my dream I feel my chest begin to heave as boulder sized tears form behind my eyes and then I wake up.

Groan, I've actually had a nightmare about my wedding. I was hoping that I could get through this whole process without having any wedding nightmares, and we still have 6 months to go...

Have you had any wedding related nightmares yet?


NuFlaiir said...

I haven't had any nightmares yet. YET :-) !! But I am sure I will hahaha.
Just don't stress out...everything is going to be just fine.


Chocolate Lover said...

You already know about mine this week! Definitely sucks! But like many kind bloggers reminded me, its only a dream! Hope there are no more!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Yup, I had one like almost nine months before my big day! :) In mine, it was the day after and I couldn't remember anything from the wedding day. And when I asked my family to tell me about it, all they told me were horrible things that went wrong!

Miss Pug said...

I had my second one this weekend :(

I am using that Foxy Lady song in my wedding btw... tee hee!

PartyPlannerGal said...

Oh yes, I am the queen of the wedding nightmare. I must have had about 5 by now. I started making myself read something non-wedding-related before bed. It helps :)

Crystal @ MyCarmelWedding said...

@ Miss Pug: I thought that we should use that song in our wedding after watching that clip! LOL

@ Party Planner Gal: That's a good idea! Especially since I have a stack of reading that I need to catch up on anyway.

Jennifer said...

I've had a few -- forgetting to hire a photographer, forgetting to hire a florist, not following up with our officiant/friend to make sure he gets ordained online, and having a purple skirt and white tank top as my wedding dress. Eep.

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