Monday, March 1, 2010

It Happened One Afternoon... Bloomingdales in San Francisco on a shopping trip with my mom. We went into the city to return my Christian Louboutin wedding shoes that I had purchased at Barney's online, but turned out to be a half size too small to justify keeping them.

I had hopped that by some freak chance they would have them in the store in a half size larger and I could just exchange them (I got a great deal on them - I wasn't ready to drop full price on CLs after I already bought them at 40% off). So we exited Barney's and went about looking for something that could satisfy my idea of wedding shoes.

We went to Nordie's and I spotted a great pair of Jimmy Choo's that were practical, timeless and very comfortable. The nude sling back. A beautiful shoe that I would for sure wear again, but there wasn't enough oomph for them to be my wedding shoes.

I then went back to searching for a pair of blue shoes that would satisfy my original idea that my shoes could be my "something blue." The closest blue and style that I was happy with was a pair of Guess pumps, but the heel made them a little too casual for the wedding.

Even though I saw myself wearing the hell out of these shoes long after the wedding (I didn't buy them, I was on a mission for wedding shoes.)

After that my mom suggested that we walk on over to Bloomies. As we're walking around a pair of Badgley Mischa shoes start screaming at me. They are scarily similar to a pair of CLs that I had fallen in love with when I first started looking at wedding shoes online:

As I begin to drool on these shoes, a very helpful sales person walks over and asks me if I would like to try them on. Learning from my first experience I ask for several sizes only to be told that they only have one pair in stock, in my normal size: 8.5. I cross my fingers while he goes back to the store room and brings out a simple black shoe box. I slip on the shoes and perfection.

I present you with my wedding shoes:

How and where did you find your wedding shoes? Did it include a trip somewhere?


little luxury list said...

Oh I LOVE your shoes! I was also obsessed with the Loubotins when I saw them and your shoes are reminiscent of them, but have a more refined edge. Congrats!

I ended up wearing Judith Leibers I had already bought and wore to another friend's wedding and loved it!

Aileen said...

I LOVE those shoes!!!! They are freaking gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

So so jealous! I love those!

I bought my Jimmy Choos online from when they happened to be 50% off.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! Just make sure you can walk in them...I don't know about you but I can't wear skinny high heels. I'm guessing you can though, since you bought them!

Chocolate Lover said...

Gorgeous shoes!

Jennifer said...

Oh, man, I saw those online and *drooled*!!! I love them!! Congratulations!!

Amberdawn said...

It's so funny you mention that the heel on those blue shoes look too casual for a wedding. I thought I was going a little OTT when I saw a pair of cute metallics yesterday, SO cheap, but said to my mom "no, I don't like the color of the heel." She's not as detail oriented as I was, so she smiled and nodded but I could tell she was thinking "cra-zy!" Haha.

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