Friday, March 5, 2010

Invitation Inspiration

Since I've been "allowed" to publicly view and purchase wedding magazines (yes, I was once one of those un-engaged girls who bought wedding magazines!!) I've been anticipating the day that I could send out our invitations.

Seriously. I've designed, on my mac, at least 7 different wedding invitations that I was going to Gocco (I own one, never used it. Bought it on E-Bay right after I discovered Mrs. Penguin on, or take to Kinko's and have them print (again, WeddingBee inspiration here ladies), or take to a real printer to have them print (my design) on professional machines.

I've been looking forward to the invitations for such a long, long, long time. I remember when I was recently engaged I was talking to a friend about what I would do for flowers. My response was something along the lines of "I don't know what I want to do for flowers, but let me tell you about the invites that I'm obsessed with right now."

My first love was a feature from Brides magazine (I'm a subscriber, I love the pictures):

I love everything about this invitation suite. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it just speaks to my style.

The funny thing is is that I ended up winning free invitations from when I had fully intended on doing them myself (side bar: MJ was FREAKED OUT at the idea of DIY invitations, he had little faith in my artistic abilities). So when I won free invites, I was under the impression that I was limited to one designer's collection. Low and behold, when I finally was able to select my invites, I went with a different designer, in a color palette that was not in sync with our own.

I love these invites, and my girls love them too. :) But I felt like they needed to be dressed up a little bit (I can't handle plain envelopes after making beautiful ones for our STDs), and after fiddling with some different ideas, I've fallen victim to the lure of boxed wedding invitations. Pre-Purchase invitation brides shield your eyes!

Slight tease: I'l be doing boxed invites. I can't wait to assemble and post our boxed invitation suite!! I've already purchased and received (thank you Fed-Ex!!) our boxes. :)

Where did you pull your invitation inspiration from?


Chocolate Lover said...

I love love love this idea! How unique! Can't wait to see the final version!

dognbird said...

Love these ideas - especially the dandelion design.

miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

Such great ideas! I'm like you, I've been obsessed with our invitations since day one of being engaged. For some reason, they've always been the number one priority and since I'm DIY-ing ours too, I spent months trying to get the design perfect. I can't wait to see how your turn out!

Jennifer said...

Haven't heard from you on the blog in a while -- I hope everything's coming together for your May wedding!!! Good luck!! Hope you'll post pictures!!

Amy said...

I love the boxed invites idea. When I was in college, I used to send my friend puzzle postcards - like where you write on the back of a puzzle and you break up the pieces. The person receiving the postcard then has to assemble the pieces to get the message. I think that would be a fun way to do your wedding invites!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I was one of those un engaged girls planning and looking at wedding mags too! :)

We also won our invites. It's been nice not having to stress about them. Although, I did have to order them a whole year before we get married! Yikes. Hope our plans don't change... :)

Tatum-LeTard said...

HAHA - I was also an un-engaged gal who bought a wedding mag or two (and hid them from my now fiance). Congrats on your upcoming wedding... I love finding other blogging brides! It's so much fun planning and writing about it!

Emily said...

I love your boxed invite idea. I love the dandelion design of the invites you picked out.

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