Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bloggers beware!

...if you write about your venues, there is a chance that someone who works for the venue may see it.

This could be a good thing or a bad thing. In one of my most recent blogs (found here: The Situation) I wrote about how our reception location was perfect upon first glance but once we went back I found a few things that I didn't see at first - and they weren't pretty things.

The on site coordinator saw my blog at some point and offered to do some draping for our site to take care of the merman that hangs from the ceiling, for no charge! (Isn't that so sweet and kind?!?!) I was blogging about it though not to take a jab at our venue but more as lead-in to our amazing florist/event designer (who has some beautiful solutions to hide the stuff that I'm not to keen on, ie: Mr. P. (More to come on that in the future.)

The moral of the story: be careful about what you say on your blog if it's publicly available to all. Blogs, like email, are open to interpretation because you're missing key communication elements such as body language, tone, inflection, etc.

Now, a little bit more about our florist/event designer. I initially had received a quote from the same florist that Mrs. Lemon (over at had used for her wedding in Monterey (about 5 miles north of Carmel). And she gave me a quote that was around $4,500. Just for flowers. It was expensive. I looked around a little bit more and found another company in the area who does flowers as well as rentals and designing of event spaces. I had a phone conference with the owner and she just got me and really understood my vision. When you find THE vendor, you just know. And I knew that she was the one.

The best part - instead of pomanders for our pews, we'll be doing some possie pockets for the ceremony decor. I found a picture showed it to her and she knew what they were called and just had amazing ideas to dress them up.

I'm so excited.

And now, a sneak peak at my bouquet (via Martha. I'm. In. Love. Best part is that they're gardenias so it will smell incredible!! I can't wait to hold my Martha inspired bouquet in my hands!!):

Have you accidentally offended someone on you blog?


Jenn said...

Ekk thats touchy.. Glad it wasn't anything bad though!
Love your flowers..

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

I feel like there's so much opportunity for mis-communication, like you said. I put, after realizing how expensive late-night apps would be, that "for that price, the guests can stop at Arby's on the way home." I was thinking that after a full meal and dessert, most people wouldn't be hungry, and making a joke of it. But one of my BM's told me she read it as rude, like, screw them I'm not spending more $$ on them. I went back and edited it... I was glad she told me how it came off! I am glad your venue seemed to be pretty cool about it though.

My photographer has a google alert for when she's mentioned, so she found my blog- luckily I LOVE HER and nothing bad was said, but that made me realize to be careful.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow :) I keep that in mind when writing my posts for sure :)

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