Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Situation

I'm not talking about this one:


And although I had a seriously meltdown today, I'm not going to talk about this one either:

Isn't this a seriously fab shot? I still like to think that it represents a bride who is ready to knock some fools out! Specifically some family members who seem to have lost their minds!! I digress.

I'm talking about the eye sore, the ugly that has entered the room and everyone is afraid to acknowledge. I'm talking about this, at our beloved La Playa Hotel:

Um, are those antlers coming out of his butt? I think so.

Sitting above you as you eat, nice. But the thing I'm really talking about it a little bit lower. Yup, right there. Those fugly panels.

When we first viewed our reception space we were told that the panels would be either completely gone or upgraded to wood and more classic looking. More than 6 months later and their still there. The panels are hiding the walkway from the kitchen to the reception space. They have to stay, which means it's time to brain storm, and luckily for me my genius DOC already has some awesome ideas for ways to make the panels intentional and tie them in (I STILL need to blog about my awesome DOC!) But there is another fug problem that also must stay in the room:

He is the namesake of the Poseidon room, I like to call him Mr. P.

The hotel event coordinator says that some people hide him with plants and other dress him up in a toga and have a good time with him. I'm not sure if I want to have a sense of humor with Mr. P or if I want to camouflage him the best that I can. I think hiding him behind some plants seems kind of's like he's spying on our party. :)

Did you get over the initial love affair of one of your locations after a second visit?


Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

Sorry to hear your location is stressing you out a bit. If it were my wedding, I'd play up Posideon. I would just be worried that I'd make it obvious I was trying to hide him rather than just acknowledging he's part of the decor.

Hope that helps!!


Genevieve said...

Hmmm... now I am worried for my second visit to my venue. LOL

I think it would be really creepy to have Mr. p peeking out from behind some plants. You could make him into a set for a DIY photo booth?

Maybe you can put draping on the panels? Or put up lighting on them? Or cover them with photos and call it something like memory lane?

Unknown said...

OH-EM-GEE! This HAS got to be the BEST post I've read in a really loooong time. I love how you built everything up. 1st the mermaid guy with booty antlers, then to the eye soring screens and then the man who spies on people wedding. LMAO! Thanks for the laugh! I really needed it today! =)

Darn it. I have no suggestions right now about you spy but if I do, I'll definitely get back to you =)

Good Luck!!

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