Saturday, August 15, 2009

I think I've made our decision, maybe...

Today MJ and I were looking at various stores looking for patio furniture (we just moved back to Sacramento from San Jose and since we moved into a house, it's the first time we've ever had a backyard). While we were at Home Depot we passed by the paint section and I asked MJ if he wouldn't mind waiting a minute while I looked at paint samples, I didn't wait for an answer and went about pulling colors that I really liked. Eventually I settled on four colors (a la Ralph Lauren Home): Edwardian Linen, Oatmeal, Gardenia and Old Violin. However, after looking at the inspiration that I posted yesterday I feel that the colors I chose today are somewhat too...bland. They certainly evoke the classic and timeless feel (also sophisticated) feel that I'm going for but they just aren't quite warm enough. The combination feels a little too stuffy rather than decadent. Even though MJ approves, I think I'll be making a return visit to Home Depot tomorrow to see if I can't come upon a combo that meets our style perfectly.

I saw via WeddingBee today that Michael's is having a crazy sale tomorrow and I immediately thought "Score! Perfect time to buy everything I'll need to make invites!" Then I realized that we're still more than 9 months out from the wedding meaning that I can't realistically send out invites until about 7 months from now. So I'm considering maybe making some elaborate Save the Dates that will be quite similar to our invites. However, seeing as our wedding is basically a destination wedding the wedding invites will be much more substantial than the STDs.

It feels like there is so much to do and at the same time I feel like I'm trying to do some things a little too early. What I should be concentrating on is booking people for the music, a florist, ceremony decor and reception decor. Time to re-group, I think.


Jennifer said...

I completely agree with you! I feel like there's soooo much to do, but that it's too early to do it!! I actually sent out Save the Dates a year before our wedding, if you can believe that. But with a quasi-destination wedding, I felt I owed it to our family and friends to let them know early enough ahead of time so they could start saving. Great post!

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