Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bridal boot camp

So I realized last night (after looking at my thighs in disappointment, but honestly, what woman doesn't do this) I realized that summer is already here and I haven't lost the twenty pounds that I promised myself that I would lose on good ol' January 1st. Now that engagement pictures are looming in ahead, I need to get to work on that New Year's Resolution of mine. (Also, we're already well into swimsuit season and the thought of these legs in shorts is still freaking me out, let alone an itty bitty bikini!!)

Therefore, I'm enlisting myself into Bridal Bootcamp, which will basically consist of me kicking the crap out of myself at the gym and actually exercising some self control (poo!). I Googled bridal diet and found an overwhelming amount of information for and about brides who want to lose weight fast. Even this: the MSNBC Bridal Diet Challenge.

Personally I am just going to use the South Beach Diet method. I read the book last year (around September/October) and lost 13 pounds and felt great, but then the holidays came around and I'm right back at where I started. Damn holiday sugar cookies, and wine, and candy, and... Anyway, I'm going back to good fats, and good carbs only and basically no sugar for two weeks (including no bread and that's pretty much what is pumping through my veins at any given time).

The engagement pictures are something that I'm going to hold on to forever and pass along in our Save The Dates to all of our family and friends, so I want to make sure that they see me when I'm feeling my healthiest and happiest (I'm already at the happy point, time to get that healthy part down) because I think it will really show through in our pictures. And when I'm all old and wrinkly and MJ looks at me, I can show him our engagement pictures and remind him why he wanted to marry me in the first place. :) Plus, I've noticed, that we hardly ever let people take pictures of us and I think it's because we both need to lose 20-30 pounds.

No sugar, and daily running will get me in engagement picture shape in no time.

I've already taken a "before picture" of myself in my swimsuit, I'll share it when I'm to my "after picture" self. (Warning: the "before picture" could cause blindness.)


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