Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ring

First, sorry I've been MIA recently. October 15th is the final annual deadline for all individual taxpayers who elected to file their tax returns per the IRS extension. To say that I've been busy this week would be a gross understatement.

Anyway, on to the engagement ring goodness!!

Long before Mike and I were engaged I purchased InStyle Weddings, initially I tried to hide this book from MJ, but as years passed and I grew more and more comfortable making hints to MJ that I thought we should get engaged and married I eventually began showing him pictures of the weddings that I thought would be cute for us.

One of the best parts about this book are the ginormous pictures of the many styles of engagement rings. :) My taste and style is very classic and the classic solitaire was calling my name from the page. I think I've told MJ about a billion times that this is the ideal engagement ring for me. (I'm sure about a half billion of those time I phrased it this way "some day, when I meet a man who falls madly in love with me and decides that he cannot live another day without making me his bride, I hope that when he bends down on one knee and proposes that we be together always, that he will present me with a ring that looks exactly like this. I've never seen a ring so beautiful.")

So when MJ dropped down to one knee on a very special Thursday evening and proposed to me that I be his wife, the ring he presented me with was exactly what I had been dreaming of and hinting at, the classic solitaire.

I wish I had pictures from MJ proposing to me but honestly it was so sweet and intimate that there was no way that pictures could have been incorporated.

I have taken some pictures of my ring with limited success of catching all of the fire and brilliance (actually getting any clear pictures of the rock is difficult.) The above is the best picture I've ever taken of my ring. I am going to make sure that a detail picture of our rings is on the "must" list for our photographer on our wedding day. I absolutely love everything about my ring. It's the perfect classic cut, I love the band and the fact that it has 4 prongs instead of 6.

What does your engagement ring look like? Did you have an idea of what your e-ring style was before you were engaged?


Chocolate Lover said...


PartyPlannerGal said...

Beautiful! I love the classic solitaire look. I was surprised by the style of my ring because it was very different than what I had hinted at. Now I love my ring and can't imagine having anything else :)

Jennifer said...

It's beautiful! I've had a hard time getting pictures of my bling, too. Using the macro setting in natural lighting has yielded the best results, but still not great.

I thought I'd want a 3-stone ring so that it didn't "stick out" as much. But I was presented with a cushion-cut solitaire with partial pave band, and I still feel giddy every time I look at it! (I guess FI knows rings better than I do!)

Stacy Marie said...

So pretty! I have a princess cut solitare and I love it.

A. Marigold said...

I had a pretty good idea--I picked it out. ;)

Your ring is lovely! I agree; diamonds are the darndest things to photograph.

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